Excursions and trekking

From the B&B on Cadore Valleys our guests have easy access to many trails which lead to Santo Stefano, Campolongo and Costalta.

Not far from us you can take a route that leads to Mt. Zovo (2000masl). Only a few km away by car you have access to routes of various levels of difficulty including the famous Mt. Peralba, a white limestone rock along which slopes the River Piave has its source.

The peaks of Longerin, San Daniele and Mt. Curiè accessible from the green wilderness of the Vissada Valley, not to mention Mt. Palombino, a combat line during WWI and a lovely walk through the rhododendrons (alpine roses) to Mt. Spina and to Mt. Quaternà with its particular volcanic black rock.

Another important WWI combat line was Passo della Sentinella, upon which a legend tells that

“once upon a time a giant while wandering through the Fiscalina Valley, could not see passed the peaks of Cima Undici and Croda Rossa so one day out of curiosity,he pressed his big toe so hard between the two, that he opened a window, a spectacular observatory that to date looks like a dam sparating the waters of two cyclopic seas (…) That window is the Passo della Sentinella overlooked by an elegant spire that the Austrians refer to in a romantic way as “Betendes Moidl” or “girl praying” like an angel protecting the green surrounding meadows. That giant probably never would have known what object of contention those few meters of rock and gravel at sky limit, his curiosity had created; nor would he ever have known which heroic mountaineering and human actions “Sentinella” became witness of “

quoted by “The Great War on the Dolomite front, Little big adventures of extraordinary men” by Antonella Fornari, DBS Zanetti 2014 edition.

A visit to the Valvisdende is also a must. This incontaminated valley is a playground for hikers of all difficulty levels and not only. From this valley you can also reach the Austrian border, object of contention during the war and perceptible by the walkable or bike-bound forts and mule tracks.

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There are several small museums throughout the Valley introducing the history and points of interest to our guests. In particular the Cultural Museum in Padola that offers a realistic representation of the life of our ancestors through the objects of their everyday life.

The Algudnei Museum at Dosoledo, where our visitors can learn about the culture and traditions of Comelico.

The Paleonthological Museum at Danta contains many interesting artefacts that can be followed by a visit to the peatland areas, rich in vegetation, carnivorous plants and a number of spontaneously growing orchids.
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Noteworthy is also the museum aimed at the enhancement of rural mountain architecture. Costalta, in fact, has preserved thirty traditional antique wooden farmhouses that can be visited along three different routes. Beside each house a wooden statue, representing the way of life of our ancestors.

The home of the famous artist Titian, is also worth a visit. It is located thirty kilometres away at Pieve di Cadore, where it is also possible to visit the Eyewear Museum, industry that has been for decades the main economic asset of the entire Cadore Valley.

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